Armchair Travelers Coffee

We have Coffees from Thailand, Sulawesi, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, and a few more from many Exotic Lands.
These coffees are generally only available weekly at our Roasting location and Cafe.

If you order this item online we will Roast one of these coffees as a Surprise!
This is a good way to try new, and different coffees we don’t have listed on our website. This is not a recurring order. Think of it as a one way ticket to Paradise.

One of the reasons I was drawn to the Coffee World, is the fact that we aren’t able to grow coffee in the United States of America. When I was younger, I would read the National Geographic Magazine, and dream about faraway lands.  As soon as I figured out I visit through coffee, I started drinking it everyday.

Traveling to Exotic Lands to meet Producers and taste coffee is in many ways a Dream Job. The ability to travel, even to the Coffeehouse, is now something we’re all dreaming about these days.

We put together this Travelers Coffee Selection to satisfy a bit of the Adventure we’re missing now that we’re only Armchair Travelers.

My most influential Teacher in School was a Geography Professor. To pass the course we were required to identify every country in the World on an unmarked Map pulled down from above the chalkboard. Since he was also my Cross Country coach, speed was the name of the game.

If you have a child at home studying, you could use this coffee to Explore the World. Where are these places?
It is much easier to Virtually Travel these days with the Internet. I hope this coffee can take you to an Exotic Place.
Let us send you on a Journey.
Travel Through Coffee with us.



Armchair Travelers Coffee


12oz bag
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13-16 bags = $24.00

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