Fair Trade Sustainably Grown Guatemala

Guatemala is a land of mystery, volcanoes, lakes, and mountains.

When we first started roasting, Antigua was a beloved area. As we have explored the different regions and flavors, Lake Atitlan and Huehuetenango have emerged as the areas we have focused on.

Cooperatives play an important role, especially in the indigenous communities of the Maya Ixil of the north.

We have been concentrating on sourcing coffees from certified Organic producers in Huehuetenango, Chaletenango, & Acatenango.

The elevation of the farms play a big role in the slower maturation of the coffee. This results in a very dense, hard bean. We roast Guatemalans a hair darker than other coffees. A hint of smokiness, without a bitter aftertaste reminds me of the smells of leaving the airport and heading to Antigua. If the sample is just right, the acidity will hold up, and a very complex cup will be revealed.

I’m looking forward to traveling closer to the Ixil Triangle on our next trip. If Social Distancing is still being recommended, maybe Ruby and I will have to arrive from the North. Her Spanish is a bit better than mine. The coffee regions of Northern Guatemala are directly on the border of Southern Mexico.
An Overland Expedition could be more exciting than a flight!
Destination Chajulense Cooperative.

Balanced Acidity – Slightly Smoky – Toffee – Medium Body

Fair Trade Sustainably Grown Guatemala


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