Brazil Current Selection

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world.

We look for nutty flavors, a heavy body, and chocolate from Brazil.

Throughout the year we taste and evaluate different coffees from Cooperatives & Estates to maintain the flavor profiles we’re looking for. You may notice at certain times of the year that your favorite Brazil from Minas Gerais has been replaced with another Fazenda from Cerrado.
Fear not! The Peanut, chocolate, and low acidity will always be present in the selection we have at the moment.

It has become increasingly difficult for us to make forward contracts on coffee. During this Pandemic, and even into the future, we are only able to plan for what seems like 3 weeks at a time.
This is very difficult for us, and also for Coffee Producers, who rely on selling the entire crop as quickly as the harvest is finished.

We are hoping to return to buying as many bags as we possibly can, from producers who understand the flavors we’re looking for, and have oftentimes, even become great friends.


Brazil Current Selection


12oz bag
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1-4 bags = $9.00

5-8 bags = $14.00

9-12 bags = $19.00

13-16 bags = $24.00

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