#1 How 'bout them Chiefs?!


#1 How 'bout them Chiefs?!

50 Years in the Making!!!

AFC Champions

Hints of Victory

Stoned Fruit & Baker’s Cocoa

When I was in Antigua, Guatemala earlier this year tasting coffee, I struck up a conversation with a few Rastafarians on the street.
They didn’t know very much about Kansas City other than,

“Mahomie is the best Quarter Back in the NFL!!! You guys are going to win the Super Bowl this year!!!”

“Mahomes,,,, oh Yeah, ugh, He’s Great. Football, right?”

“Yeah, American Football! ONE LOVE!!!”

Introductions were made, High Fives, and deep breaths were passed around, because whatever Bob Marley’s son Rohan has to say about Football, I’ll believe!

Them Chiefs! Is a blend of our Guatemala Antigua, and Natural Processed Ethiopian Sidama.
With the Lion’s Blessing, and Rohan’s prediction, I think KC has got this!


#1 How 'bout them Chiefs?!


12oz bag
Shipping Breakdown:

1-4 bags = $6.00 | 5-8 bags = $12.00 | 9-12 bags = $18.00
13-16 bags = $24.00 | 17-20 bags = $30.00
*add $2 for HI and AK

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