Broadway Diner Mug 10 oz.


Broadway Diner Mug 10 oz.


Maureen and her husband, Toby brought to life the scene outside the Broadway Cafe perfectly for our first ever Diner Mug Design Contest!
She said it best herself on her Instagram page when we let her know she had the Winning Design!

“I had the idea to capture Broadway’s community vibes with a cartoon of the ever-present cast of characters who sit outside the cafe’s front door sipping coffee, every day, rain or shine, like a little welcoming committee every time you need a coffee. Toby is our resident illustrator, so he patiently drew and redrew, with me looking over his shoulder until it was perfect. I actually cried when they told us we won. Broadway is a space and community that means a lot to me, in many ways I feel like I grew up there. It’s a place where you go to be with people, not to hole up on your own with a laptop. It’s a place where you can still get a cup of top notch coffee for less than $2. It has a pastry called a soft biscotti that is the stuff of my dreams. It’s one of the warmest and most welcoming places I know!”



Shipping Breakdown:
The Mugs qualify for our shipping discounts.
3 bags of coffee & 1 mug = $6.00

1-4 bags = $6.00 | 5-8 bags = $12.00 | 9-12 bags = $18.00
13-16 bags = $24.00 | 17-20 bags = $30.00
*add $2 for HI and AK

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Weight 12 oz
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