Broadway Bandanna Series #1


Broadway Bandanna Series #1


What does a bandanna have to do with Coffee you might be wondering?
We weren’t sure either, until we started brainstorming on the many uses for a 20 x 20 square of 100% South Carolina grown cotton!

First off, a bandanna is cool hanging out of your pocket.

coffee filter
hair tie
volcano ash blocker
break dance accessory
solar eclipse viewer (not tested or approved by NASA)
pin the tail on the donkey
placing over a mud puddle on first date
authentic hobo lunch bag
robbing a stage coach
vintage running/tennis/rugby/polo/soccer/go cart/ sports
Wes Anderson film extra
spilled coffee/latte
wiping tears
blowing noses
Ascot, google it kids
revolution fuse
beer bottle cleaner
Surprises! engagement ring/new home/car/Uncle Andy is home for the Holidays
pocket square
bright light morning hangover cure
trail marker
seat cover
knee patch
golden cupping spoon polisher
the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on!

After coming up with just about every scenario that a bandanna would be handy to have, we still wanted one that had to do with Coffee. Our own very talented Roaster Ruby was tasked with how to tie a bandanna, and also to come up with some artwork for the project.
She spent months drawing and redrawing the coffee flowers, and cherries. In a moment of inspiration one night, the thought of throwing horseshoes blindfolded seemed like a perfectly safe party game. Lucky for us, they brought the entire design together.

We were so inspired by her design, we decided to do an entire series of bandannas representing the different Origins where we source coffee. Our coffee bags use a color coded system of our own imagination. The burlap bags we receive from our friends all over the world oftentimes are decorated with amazing artwork. So began a dream with this first in a line of limited edition collectible cotton hankies.

Only 10 dollars each. Each color will be added after the previous color has sold out.
We will keep one color of each in a safe, and offer the entire set to be sold as one complete package. Price and time frame for that will be determined within 12 years from today.
Buy one or nine.
Everyone needs a hanky.

100% Made in the USA from South Carolina cotton.



Shipping Breakdown:
Order 1 or 12 along with the coffee bag shipping.
No extra charge for shipping the bandannas.
1 bag of coffee & 1 bandanna = $6.00
4 bags of coffee & 7 bandannas = $6.00
and so on.

1-4 bags = $6.00 | 5-8 bags = $12.00 | 9-12 bags = $18.00
13-16 bags = $24.00 | 17-20 bags = $30.00
*add $2 for HI and AK

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
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