This small country contains the most diverse terrain for the production of coffee in the Americas. The Guatemalan National Coffee Association, ANACAFE, recognizes 8 Regions as having unique flavors. After years of cupping, and spilling coffee over maps, the Antigua, Atitlan, and Huehuetenango regions are my favorites.
When I first started roasting, an Italian Master whom I had sent a pound of our Espresso to as a gift, told me that his Father & Grandfather bought Antigua coffees from a mill named Los Pastores.
I had always wanted to find this place, but as it goes with sources of coffee, no one in the USA knew it. I was beginning to think it was a mill lost to time. It would take a couple of years to put together a trip to find that coffee. In 2014,We found it, and a whole lot more…

It’s now January 2019. The beans are heavy on the branches around Lake Atitlan, and Maximón is waiting for my return.
Who’s ready to experience my south of the border driving?
Let’s Go!!! 

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